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Seeking support in recruiting IT specialist

Recruiters from the LET’S Hire team will support the recruitment processes assigned by you. Based on gathered information, we will find suitable candidates for you, assist you in scheduling meetings with candidates, and in negotiating offers. You will only pay a success fee for recruited IT candidates.

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Seeking support of dedicated IT recruiter

A dedicated IT Recruiter will support your recruitment processes on a full-time basis. A person from the LET’S Hire team will take over all recruitment activities conducted by you, saving you time. You will pay a monthly fee agreed upon in advance, regardless of the number of recruited candidates.

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IT recruitment on a success fee model

Get the support from experienced recruiters

IT recruitment in a success fee model – what is included in the service?

IT recruitment

We are well-versed in IT recruitment, knowing where to find candidates and how to effectively acquire them. Thanks to a detailed briefing, we are able to present the first interested candidates quickly.


We rely on relationships, which is why we will continuously keep you informed about the current situation in the recruitment project. You will always be sure of what we have already done and what we still plan to do to acquire IT specialists.

Our knowledge

During our cooperation, we will share our knowledge and experience regarding the IT recruitment market. If needed, we will support you in preparing job descriptions or determining salary ranges.


Typically, we offer a 4-month guarantee. If, for any reason, a candidate decides not to extend the collaboration after a successful recruitment, or if you are not satisfied, we will replace the candidate free of charge.

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LET’S Hire Recruitment Agency – Why use our IT recruitment service?


Our long-standing cooperation with various Polish and international companies has enabled us to delve into the vast fields of recruiting IT professionals. With extensive experience in recruiting for a variety of IT positions, we effectively assist companies in forming IT teams.

In-depth briefing

At the initial stage of each collaboration, we conduct an in-depth briefing with each client, during which we ask a series of questions. This allows us to find candidates ideally suited to the company’s needs. As many as 93% of our candidates receive an invitation to participate in the recruitment process.

Time saving

By thoroughly understanding the company’s needs, assigning the right recruiter to lead the recruitment process and being fully committed, we are able to introduce the first candidates in as little as three days from the start of the recruitment process.

Aleksander Procki – Head of Development Velis

With full conviction, I can say that recommended individuals who later joined the team have been our best recruitment choices. This is especially important for a product company like Velis, to match the candidate profile to the company’s specifics and its product, to understand the product, and to know what technological stack we need.

What the IT recruitment process looks like in the saccess fee model?

Discussing details of cooperation
Sourcing and selection of candidates
Presentation of the candidate
Support during the recruitment process
Discussing details of cooperation

In our daily work, we value the quality of service, which is why we always start our cooperation by thoroughly understanding your expectations. During the first meeting, we learn about the most important requirements regarding candidates, we explain how the individual stages of cooperation with us look like, and what cooperation model we offer. After gathering this information, we prepare a tailored offer that meets the client’s needs.

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IT recruitment in the RPO model

Get support from a dedicated recruiter

IT recruitment in the RPO model - what is included in the service?

Exclusive recruiter support

A dedicated recruiter from LET’S Hire will support all your recruitment processes. This will allow you to effectively acquire the best talents in the market without the need to build an internal HR department.

Access to paid tools

By partnering with LET’S Hire, you gain access to the best tools on the market at no additional cost.

Access to knowledge

Throughout our collaboration, we provide you with knowledge about the IT recruitment market, allowing you to enhance the knowledge of your team members.


Our sourcing activities are not limited to searching for candidates on LinkedIn alone. Thanks to years of experience, we have our network of contacts that we actively utilize.

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We have successfully implemented the RPO service with one of our clients

Bogna Szyk - COO Omni Calculator

I had a pleasure of working with Kaja in quite unusual circumstances – she joined my company as an „interim recruiter” for 3 months. And, she was an absolute godsend. She has incredible work ethic, and I could always count on her to get the work done. Very dependable, extremely fast to learn, and never shying away from difficult tasks. Easily builds rapport with candidates and skilfully guides them through the process. Every working with Kaja should consider themselves lucky.

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Comparison of IT recruitment services in the success fee and RPO models

  • The recruiter from LET’S Hire supports your recruitment processes from outside your organization.
  • Compensation for LET’S Hire depends on the candidate’s annual income and is paid each time a recruitment is completed.
  • The recruiter usually manages several different recruitment processes for various companies.
  • The recruiter supports the recruitment processes commissioned by LET’S Hire.
  • The recruiter works based on LET’S Hire systems and email. They contact candidates as an employee of the recruitment agency.
  • The dedicated recruiter works for you within your organization.
  • Compensation for LET’S Hire is not dependent on the number of hired candidates. The rate is fixed and payable for every month of cooperation.
  • The recruiter is exclusively at your disposal and does not work on other recruitment projects.
  • The recruiter supports all your recruitment processes.
  • The recruiter works based on your systems and email from your domain, contacting candidates as a representative of your company.

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