Our primary focus is on building IT teams for businesses, we’re experienced in recruiting candidates for all different kinds of jobs in the IT industry. We can help you find Developers, Engineers, Scrum Masters, DevOps, Programmers, Testers, Product Owners or Managers. Apart from that, we can support you with consulting services, help you create a reasonable and smart recruitment process, as well as help you figure out some problems that might arise along the way. We’d gladly help you onboard and train your employees working in the IT Recruitment department.

Every single offer is tailored to match your needs. It’s only after listening to your needs and analyzing your situation, that we present you an offer. Although most of the time we work based on a Success Fee, we remain flexible – if you have some other suggestions, we’d be happy to hear them out!

If you decide to partner up with LET’S Hire, we schedule a quick phone call to discuss your needs. Based on those, our team prepares an offer for you. Finally, if everything is set, we finish the required paperwork and get ready to work! Be prepared for a lot of questions, as we’re always trying to find out as much as possible about your business – thanks to that we can supply potential candidates with a chunky amount of information about you. We screen out every candidate to make sure that we present you only the best possible matches. We can also mediate when it comes to any kind of negotiations or setting up interviews.

If you’re a future candidate – we always do our best to gather all kinds of information regarding the project, job or a team with utmost scrutiny. However, the most important thing is that we provide constant feedback during the recruitment process, regardless of stage

We always try to present a candidate in the first week of our partnership. Sometimes, if the shoes are really big to fill, it can take us two-three weeks. We always put a maximum effort to make sure that our clients are satisfied. You can also rely on our feedback – we constantly inform our clients on the latest market trends or what could they change to make their offer more attractive.

We are only helping our clients with recruitment. The employment is always directly in the company.

We have experience in recruiting IT specialists in various areas of expertise. We usually help recruiting Full-stack Developers, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers (JavaScript Developers, Java Developers, PHP Developers, Python Developers). We also support the recruitment of positions like QA Automation Engineer, DevOps, and jobs related to security. Moreover, we also help recruiting for more of a management positions like Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Leaders and Managers.