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Recruiters at LET’S Hire have in-depth knowledge of the IT market, are well-versed in technologies, and know how to effectively communicate with candidates. Take advantage of this knowledge and schedule a training session with a Recruiters from LET’S Hire!

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We organize our open training sessions several times a year and anyone can participate. Simply follow our website and social media to learn about upcoming training sessions and sign up to join the list of interested participants.

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Magdalena Korzec Talent Acquisition Specialist

I have many years of experience in IT recruitment, and I thought I knew something about technologies. However, right at the beginning of the LET’S Hire training, it became apparent that my knowledge is very shallow and disorganized. It was a very valuable training, with a huge amount of knowledge, and a great instructor who exuded good energy and passion. I wish all companies organized training with such dedication. I will definitely come back to you.

Recruitment Agency LET’S Hire – Why is it worth attending our IT Recruiter training?

Extensive experience in IT industry recruitment

For the past 7 years, we have been recruiting in the IT industry, supporting companies in hiring for numerous specialized positions. We have collaborated with hundreds of Hiring Managers, gaining valuable insights into effectively recruiting IT candidates. We are eager to share this knowledge during our training sessions.


During our training sessions, we share the best knowledge about the market, candidate expectations, and technologies. By training with us, you will learn effective methods for sourcing candidates, as well as the right questions to ask to assess their knowledge and experience. You will also gain insights into the technologies commonly used by candidates. The knowledge you acquire during the training will enable you to effectively recruit the ideal candidate.

High-quality training materials

The IT recruitment market currently presents recruiters with many challenges, as company expectations are on the rise. With LET’S Hire training, your knowledge of IT recruitment will increase, and your recruitment processes will begin to attract the best talents in the market. The materials we have prepared and provide after each training session will assist you in your daily work.

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