How to become an SAP Consultant? Marta’s story

In the constantly evolving world of technology, the demand for qualified IT specialists, such as SAP Consultants, remains consistently high. Currently, more and more people are considering career changes. Meanwhile, positions that are less popular or unfamiliar to most candidates can serve as a kind of gateway. However, not everyone succeeds in entering this industry. What determines this?

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Today’s case study describes the experiences of Marta, a fresh SAP Consultant, who last year sought help from LET’S Hire in finding a job. Through Marta’s experiences with the recruitment process for this position, we will delve into job search strategy, current opportunities in the IT company market, and resources that will help you become an SAP Consultant.

The beginning of collaboration

Marta approached us in December 2023 seeking assistance in finding her first job in the IT industry. The candidate was primarily interested in reliable information about the IT market in Poland, support, and consultation regarding her CV. After a brief conversation, we suggested a consultation with our recruiter Kaja, who has extensive experience in IT recruitment and supports individuals looking to transition into the industry with her knowledge.

Implemented solution: consultation with an IT recruiter

  • Preparation of job search strategy
  • CV audit
  • LinkedIn profile audit
  • Preparation of a list of positions for which the candidate should apply

Results of the collaboration

Marta sent this number of CVs to companies.
The recruitment process for Marta lasted this number of weeks.
Marta received this number of job offers from companies.
Marta Widera

Thank you, Kaja, for the collaboration! I didn’t even have time to get started with the action plan I received from you after the consultation, and I’m already done with the career change, starting my first day of work in my dream profession on June 1st. I implemented all the tips for improving my CV, and they worked immediately – the first CV sent out, a quick response, an invitation to a recruitment interview (3 stages), and I got a job exactly in the position I wanted. I also prepared for the interview using your advice. Thanks again, great cooperation.Do rozmowy przygotowywałam się również korzystając z Twoich wskazówek. Dzięki raz jeszcze, świetna współpraca.