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The profession of a recruiter today is the result of economic transformations that have taken place over the past thirty years. We, as a 21st-century community, are not the pioneers of this industry, as wealthy citizens in ancient times employed individuals responsible for finding suitable candidates, for example, for military service. However, starting from the 19th century, when the economy and industry began to develop significantly, the need for human resource management arose, and thus the 20th and 21st centuries saw the emergence of an independent profession – the recruiter. That’s a brief history of this position. Who is the modern recruiter? What are they responsible for? What are the traits of a good recruiter? Today, we will try to answer these questions.

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From this article, you will learn:

  • Who is a recruiter?
  • What should a recruiter be like?
  • IT recruiter – a profession of the future?
  • How to become a recruiter?

Recruiter – Who Is It?

What does a recruiter do? The work of a recruiter may seem easy, enjoyable, and undemanding to many people. However, a recruiter is a specialist responsible for recruitment, an indispensable professional whose hands are responsible for sourcing, selecting, and hiring employees in a company. Their main goal is to find suitable candidates who fit the requirements and organization of the company, as well as to maintain its image.

What Makes a Good Recruiter?

What should a good recruiter be like? There is no clear answer to this question. Most often, recruiters are graduates of the following fields: human resource management, administration, as well as psychology or sociology. It is good for them to know the basics of labor law. However, a diploma from one of the aforementioned fields is only a foundation. To become a recruiter, you must have a very good knowledge of the industry in which the recruitment process will be conducted. In addition to industry knowledge, certain specific traits also matter. What are the most desirable traits of a recruiter? You will find the answer below.

Interpersonal Skills of a Recruiter

Curiosity about getting to know people, ease of establishing contacts, conversational skills, willingness to listen, and patience – these are the minimum necessary qualities that will be useful for future recruiters. These traits provide a real opportunity to get to know the candidate.

Everything in Its Place, or Good Organization

In addition to interviews, part of the recruiter’s duties is also overseeing the completion of documentation. Essential in this regard are: diligence, accuracy, and proper time planning. A good recruiter must anticipate what may happen in advance. On the one hand, they must meet timing requirements, and on the other hand, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, they must adapt flexibly.


A good recruiter in the recruitment process should be available – answer phone calls, respond to candidate messages as quickly as possible, and in the event of vacation or illness, set up an automatic message informing about it and the time of absence.

Broadening Horizons

The work of a recruiter requires continuous development due to the dynamically evolving job market. Recruitment processes change, new, more effective methods of candidate assessment emerge, and new job positions are created. Therefore, recruiters must use new recruitment techniques and tools.

Working Under Time Pressure

Although recruitment is often a fairly lengthy process, in this industry, resilience to stress and the ability to react quickly are everyday bread. It often happens that several processes are conducted simultaneously, requiring different approaches and tools.

IT Recruiter – Job

Technological evolution has led to a significant portion of business ventures using the Internet as the main channel for sales or communication: trade, banking, entertainment, education, or remote work. The convenience and availability of this means of communication have led to an increased demand for specialists in the IT industry. Therefore, an IT recruiter cannot complain about a lack of work.

IT Recruiter – Who Is It?

Let’s take a closer look at the work of an IT recruiter. Among professionals in the recruitment industry, especially the work of IT recruiters is extremely demanding due to the need to have knowledge related to constantly changing information technologies. What traits should an effective IT recruiter possess? Above all, they should demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in information technologies – it is impossible to recruit someone to the IT industry without having knowledge about it, especially now, when powerful tool – artificial intelligence has been added to knowledge about programming, data analysis, computer networks, and network security. It’s a very demanding job. An IT recruiter never stops learning.

What else should characterize an IT recruiter? Working in this position also involves building a network of contacts with industry professionals. Such action enables the rapid acquisition of potential candidates and significantly shortens the recruitment process.

How to Become a Recruiter?

If you want to work as a recruiter, feel that you possess the required interpersonal skills, we will suggest what to do to prepare for this profession:

  • Educate yourself – human resource management, psychology, or sociology are study fields that will open the door to work as a recruiter; participate in courses, read a lot.
  • Get to know people – those from the HR industry, but also from other specializations.
  • Gain experience – the best way to get to know the market is to start an internship or apprenticeship at a recruitment agency.

What can you gain from working as a recruiter? Working in this industry is extremely interesting, provides a lot of satisfaction, ensures continuous development, and activity in the job market.

Recruiter – Profession of the Future?

To this question, we answer – definitely yes. Why? The answer is very simple. With the increasing demand for specialists in the technology sector, there is a growing need to search for specific talents. And this is precisely the task for recruiters. Companies specializing in specific services prefer to entrust recruitment to professionals so that the employee they need is as well-suited to the company’s profile as possible.

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