Support for a product company in IT recruitment

We invite you today to our case study, where we will tell you about our collaboration with one of our clients, for whom we hired 10 candidates for various positions in 2023. The recruitment was carried out for a product company from Krakow. Our activities focused on searching for suitable IT specialists, but besides that, we also advised the company on designing effective recruitment processes and conducted market mapping, which allowed us to prepare job offers considering market salary ranges for specific positions in the IT industry.

Our recruitment agency, LET’S Hire, specializes in the IT sector, offering comprehensive recruitment services for companies from Krakow and the entire technology sector. Thanks to our knowledge of the IT market in Poland, we are able to effectively find IT specialists and assist in designing recruitment processes and preparing budgets for specific positions.

Table of content

Challenge: Finding 10 candidates for a product company from Krakow.

Scope of our work

Searching for qualified employees.

Market mapping, which allowed us to prepare attractive job offers for candidates.

Preparing attractive job descriptions.

Providing up-to-date knowledge about the IT market in Krakow.

Scheduling recruitment meetings with candidates.

Negotiating employment conditions on behalf of the company.

IT positions for which we were seeking employees

  • QA Engineer
  • Full-stack Developer (PHP + React)
  • UX Designer
  • Flutter Developer

We have been working with the company for 2 years. Thanks to our full commitment, the individuals responsible for recruitment on the company’s side know that they can always rely on our support. Consequently, in the second half of the year, we were asked to assist the company in recruiting for positions outside of IT. It turned out that the company was not satisfied with the services of another recruitment agency. After reviewing the job descriptions and requirements, we agreed to help. In this way, we successfully completed an additional three recruitments.

Positions outside of the IT industry that we worked on:

  • Head of Marketing
  • Growth Marketing Specialist
  • Financial Lead
This number of candidates accepted the collaboration offers presented by the client.
We needed this many days to present the first candidate.
We needed this many candidates on average to fill the position.

Summary of our work for the company:

10/10 offers were accepted by our candidates.

average, we presented 2 candidates for each position.

3 days – this is the average time we needed to present the first candidate.

0 guarantees – all candidates are still working at the company to this day.

Aleksander Procki – Head of Development Velis

With full confidence, I can say that the recommended individuals who later joined the team are our best recruitment choices. This is particularly important for a product company like Velis, to match the candidate’s profile to the specifics of the company and its product, to know the product, and to understand the technological stack that we need.