Recruitment for the QA Engineer position

Do you know that feeling when you’re tirelessly searching for the perfect IT specialist? You browse through hundreds of names, check profiles, talk to selected individuals, and yet the candidate never seems to meet your expectations?

Today, we invite you to our case study, where we will tell you about our recruitment process for an IT product company from Krakow. In 2023, the company significantly expanded its IT department, requiring the support of an IT recruiter to hire the best talents in the IT industry, knowledge of the market, and the most effective recruitment processes.

Our recruitment agency, LET’S Hire, specializes in the IT sector, offering comprehensive recruitment services for companies from Krakow and the entire technology sector.

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Challenge: Finding the perfect candidate for the QA Engineer position.

In November 2023, a company approached our recruitment agency for assistance in finding a specialist for the QA Engineer position. The job description seemed quite typical to us, but it was the first such position in the company, so we were keen on finding a truly excellent candidate. As always, we started the recruitment process with a thorough briefing, which we scheduled with the Hiring Manager. During the meeting, all important requirements and the recruitment process for this position were discussed.

The position of application tester is quite popular. We have successfully completed similar recruitments many times before, so we were confident that finding the right candidate would not be a problem. However, we quickly realized that we were mistaken. Days passed, and our candidates were being rejected one by one. During the interviews, it turned out that they did not meet the client’s expectations after all. The situation was surprising because initially, we thoroughly discussed the position with the person responsible for the recruitment.

The solution proposed by us

We decided to ask the client to organize another meeting between our IT recruiter and the Hiring Manager. For the interview, we invited an external consultant, an expert in application testing, who helped us refine who the company really needed. The meeting with the external consultant was crucial. Together with the Hiring Manager, we precisely defined the expected skills and experience of the candidate. Thanks to this collaboration, we adjusted the recruitment process, eliminating uncertainties and speeding up the identification of the right candidate.

The effect of our work

Thanks to accurately defining the tasks for the QA Engineer position and adjusting the recruitment process, within less than 2 weeks, we presented 3 high-quality candidates. One of them quickly started working at the client’s company, undoubtedly confirming the success of our recruitment.

What did our candidates say after this recruitment process?

The candidates praised the entire process, the communication style, and the opportunity to genuinely test their skills. They particularly appreciated the quality and speed of information conveyed, as well as the appropriate alignment of the process with both the client’s and the candidate’s expectations.