Recruitment for the IT Specialist position

How do you think, is it possible to find a specialist from the IT industry who meets all your requirements? Probably for every position in the IT industry there is an ideal candidate, but finding such a person often requires a lot of time and resources.

We invite you to the next case study, in which we described the work of recruiters in our recruitment agency for the IT Specialist position. We conducted the recruitment for the IT department in a large manufacturing company based in Krakow.

Our recruitment agency LET’S Hire specializes in IT industry recruitment. We have extensive experience in recruiting for various IT positions.

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Challenge: Finding a candidate who will possess the necessary skills to work in the IT Specialist position at a manufacturing company in Krakow.

In 2023, one of our clients reached out to us for assistance in recruiting an individual for the IT Specialist position. We requested to schedule a meeting with the Hiring Manager and to receive a detailed job description. Our recruiter prepared questions that helped us thoroughly understand our client’s needs. During the meeting, we discussed the role and the recruitment process in detail.

The problems we encountered during the recruitment process for the client: very high requirements regarding the candidates

During the briefing, it became apparent that the client has very high expectations regarding the candidates. In addition to the standard requirements for the IT Specialist position, the Hiring Manager also expected candidates to have completed studies in computer science and to have a good command of the English language. These requirements were high, but the salary range was more suitable for junior positions, so candidates replied that the offer was not interesting to them.

The solution proposed by us

In order to precisely discuss this issue, we decided to address it during a meeting with the Hiring Manager. As part of our practice in collaborating with clients, we always prioritize such discussions at the early stage of the recruitment process to ensure that we are seeking candidates with the appropriate qualifications.

During the meeting, we identified the key skills required for this position. It quickly became apparent that the Hiring Manager is looking for someone with basic IT knowledge, not necessarily commercial experience. This statement became crucial for us.

The result of our actions

We quickly presented suitable candidates. Unexpectedly, which does not happen often, it turned out that one of them had more experience than our client expected for this position.

Hania Korzeniowską – IT Recruiter

Thanks to a personalized approach to every challenge related to recruiting for new positions for us and close cooperation with the client, we thoroughly understood what is expected from potential candidates.