Recruitment for the Head of Marketing position

We invite you today to our case study, where we will tell you about our collaboration with one of our clients, for whom we hired 10 candidates for various positions in 2023, including also seeking a candidate for the Head of Marketing position. Below you will find information about this recruitment process.

Table of content

Challenge: Finding a candidate for the Head of Marketing position for a software company operating in the SaaS model

Our client was a company from Krakow creating software in the SaaS model for the commercial real estate industry. We have a really good understanding of the company. Therefore, we are successfully able to carry out the recruitment processes entrusted to us.

LET’S Hire – what was included in the service?

  • Gathering job requirements.
  • Market mapping, which allowed us to prepare an attractive job offer for candidates.
  • Designing an effective recruitment process.
  • Sharing knowledge about the current recruitment market in Krakow.
  • Candidate sourcing.
  • Initial candidate screening interview.
  • Scheduling recruitment meetings.
  • Negotiating the offer with the candidate.

Key figures

We presented this number of candidates during the entire recruitment process.
It took us this many days to present the first candidate.
This many days passed from candidate recommendation to collaboration offer.

Summary of the recruitment for the Head of Marketing position

We presented 3 candidates, all of whom came from companies in a similar industry to our client.

Two candidates reached the final stage of the recruitment process.

The entire process from presenting the candidate to the collaboration offer took only 5 days.

The candidate accepted the offer and is still working at the company to this day.