Difficult recruitment of IT Specialist

In the next case study, we will tell you about the recruitment of a Full-Stack Developer for our client, a product company from Krakow. This company is currently growing rapidly, so they need the support of an IT recruiter.

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Challenge: Finding the right candidate for the Full-stack Developer position

The beginning of IT recruitment for a product company from Krakow

A few months ago, our long-term client, with whom we have collaborated for some time and for whom we have already completed several recruitments, approached us with a request to find a candidate for the position of Full-stack Developer. Initially, we familiarized ourselves with the job description as usual. Then, we scheduled a meeting with the Hiring Manager to discuss the requirements and expectations regarding the candidates in detail.

The detailed briefing allowed us to gather information about the suitable skill profile of the candidate. It turned out that the candidate should have around 5 years of experience and be proficient in technologies such as PHP and React. Additionally, English language proficiency was important for the company as there are team members who do not speak Polish. Another important requirement from the recruitment perspective was the expectation of working from the office for 2-3 days a week.

Hania Korzeniowska – IT Recruiter

A detailed understanding of the Hiring Manager’s expectations allowed us to find the right candidate for the Full-stack Developer position. Additionally, a good knowledge of the IT companies market in Krakow proved to be helpful; it enabled us to identify the companies worth searching for candidates in right from the start.

The conversation with the Hiring Manager, who was seeking an IT specialist, was as always very helpful and allowed us to specify the detailed requirements that the company has for this position.

In the end, we inquired about the salary range that the company is willing to offer to the candidate. In our opinion, the offered salary was too low considering the high requirements for the candidates. When determining salary ranges, we always rely on our knowledge of the market as well as available reports on the current level of salaries in the IT industry. During the meeting, the recruiter informed the Hiring Manager that the salary range was not competitive in the market.

Our strategy for finding a candidate for the Full-stack Developer position

Ultimately, we were unable to negotiate a larger budget for this position. However, we proposed a strategy that allowed us to proceed with the recruitment. Firstly, we asked the Hiring Manager to specify the minimum requirements for candidates that they would be willing to accept.

Next, thanks to our good knowledge of the IT market in Krakow, we identified companies that develop products based on PHP technology. This allowed us to find candidates who definitely have experience with the PHP programming language mentioned by the Hiring Manager.

We also found dedicated Facebook groups where we posted an advertisement stating that we were looking for a candidate for the Full-stack Developer position. We described the detailed requirements and provided information about the offered salary and the company’s location. This action allowed us to reach candidates who are actively seeking jobs in such groups.

We needed this number of candidates to fill the position.
We conducted this number of interviews with candidates.
The recruitment process took this number of weeks.

Summary of our work

Ultimately, it took us 2 weeks and 1 candidate to fill the IT position entrusted to us. The initial identification of companies that develop software based on the specified technologies proved to be the most helpful, as well as contacting the selected candidates. The success of our IT recruitment was also influenced by a well-done briefing conducted by the IT recruiter.