Acquiring candidates

The foundation of our actions is good briefing – that’s why we make sure to begin with the creation of a perfect candidate profile. We base our work on a success fee, which makes it clear that we truly care about meeting your needs. We do everything in our power to ensure that our partnership doesn’t end with just presenting candidates, but above all – employing them.

Who are we recruiting?

We have an extensive experience in active and effective recruiting of the following job positions: Front-end and Back-end Developers (Java Developers, JavaScript Developers, PHP Developers, Python Developers) as well as Full-stack Developers. We also often support our clients in recruiting QA Automation Engineers, DevOps and specialists in the field of security.

How are we recruiting?

We don’t rely on coincidences! Perfectly tailored candidate profile is a result of our dedicated hard work. 

You can feel our support during the entire IT recruitment process: from the detailed interview, through the negotiations of working conditions and exchange of knowledge and experiences, to the final phases of the employment. We highly value a long-term approach to our clients and we offer taking a look at a broader perspective of their needs and future development.

Years of experience, professional sourcing tools, constant market research – all of those help us successfully getting dream candidates for you in a blink of an eye. Our inquisitiveness proves our commitment to work, and we’re always in a search of ways to improve. We do not operate in darkness, instead we provide feedback frequently, as well as we’re open to share our insights whenever possible.

Who are we recruiting for?

For everyone! If you’re in need of an IT Specialist – we’ve got you covered. Businesses all around Poland have trusted us with building their team, now it’s your turn!
Are you looking for competent and trustworthy employees? Go ahead and contact us! Let us have your expectations met!    

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